Built in the 1880’s

Mr.Edward (Ted) Brown, for Mr. William Worrall built the original weatherboard hotel in the 1880’s. This building was destroyed by fire in 1923.

The present concrete building was erected for Mr. M. C. Clarke. The contractor was Mr. Alex Wallace with Tom McCauley and Ernie Crowe helping with the construction.

Both the inside and outside of the building continue to change, with many alterations having been undertaken over the years.


The name has also undergone change, what was once known as the Tatong Hotel or ‘Pub’ is now known as the Tatong Tavern.

The inside has had walls removed (e.g. Ladies Lounge walls) also the bar and bar area has undergone major renovations, and what was once a bedroom has been turned into variously, a dining area and then a games room. This room has had a fireplace and chimney added in the last 20 or so years.

In 1982/83 an attempt to establish a nursery in the grounds of the ‘Pub’ resulted in a building being added for use as an office / display area, as well as the placement of an ex V.R. Guards van, for storage. However this venture did not succeed and all signs of it, other than the building that is now used as accommodation has been removed.

A beer garden has now been added along with a large display, inside the Tavern, of local photographs and memorabilia, also in the main bar area many a stuffed and mounted animal or fish is on display.

Benalla Standard, 21st November 1892

Notice of application for a Roadside Victuallers License –

I William Worrall of Tatong do hereby give notice that desire to obtain, and will at the next sitting of the licensing district of Rothsay – to be held at Benalla on the eight day of December 1892, apply for a certificate authorising the desire for a roadside license for premises situated at Tatong containing eight rooms exclusive of those required for use of my family and servants.

Dated 21st day of November 1892. Signed William Worrall & Charles H. Payne, Barrister and Solicitor, Benalla.

History of Tatong Tavern Inn Keepers from 1886 – 2022

  • 1886-1910 William Worrall (listed as Hotel Keeper [rate books])
  • 10-12-1901 Catherine Worrall (renewal of licence)
  • 1911-1918/19 Catherine listed as Hotel keeper (rate books)
  • 30-6-1919 Charles W. Clarke.
  • 20-9-1920 Gertrude Emily Kilroy.
  • 29-8-1921 Harold George Moon.
  • 14-12-1922 Claire Gardiner.
  • 31-8-1925 Frederick Beale.
  • 9-8-1926 Michael O’Halloran.
  • 7-11-1927 John Trenerry.
  • 27-11-1928 James Murray Wittman.
  • 8-5-1930 William Robert Aird.
  • 10-8-1931 Charles William Clarke.
  • 25-2-1935 Lucy May Robertson.
  • 30-11-1936 Sydney Allan Arnold Herbert Theodore Shaw.
  • 30-8-1937 John Copeland Christopherson.
  • 15-6-1938 Edward Norman Sherritt.
  • 1-9-1939 Phyllis & Robert Clarinbold.
  • 11-2-1946 Jessie Bell Stewart.
  • 28-3-1949 James Urquhart.
  • 16-9-1954 Ivy & Slobodan Allmpijevitch.
  • 6-6-1955 Leila & Wilfred Diggle.
  • 6-4-1959 James Urquhart.
  • 23-1-1969 John & Margaret Walker.
  • 22-10-1973 Gavin Thomas Smythe.
  • 17-3-1977 William & Maureen Quinton.
  • 13-1-1984 Richard & Sallie Hann.
  • 24-3-1986 Dennis & Gayle Scott.
  • 10-2-1989 Timothy (Min) & Matt Innes-Irons & Brian Wescott.
  • 22-3-1991 Brian & Jenny Wescott & Greg Ashton.
  • 9-4-1992 Greg Ashton
  • 20-7-1993 Anthony & Sue Toleman.
  • 1-6-1996 Greg, Gary & Wayne Tainton.
  • 3-9-2001 James Elliston & Nyah Rowe.
  • 19-8-2003 Andy & Leanne Varnik
  • 14-9-2009 Ian & Bronny Walker
  • 25-2-2013 Stan & Kath Edmiston
  • 1-10-2014 Chris & Deb McCabe
  • 16-10-2017 Peter Schroder & Shirley Haub
  • 17-1-2022 Stuart & Melisse Robinson